Innovative Projects for a Better World

In order to drive positive changes in developing countries, we plan and inaugurate various projects that result in permanent solutions, and offer immediate benefits. Our projects are categorized into five critical areas of development. With strategic coordination and implementation by the dedicated MB International Exchange team, we are able to do the most good– one project at a time.



Agriculture is the driving force in our vision of poverty eradication. We invest our efforts in obtaining and utilizing unoccupied fertile land that surrounds select villages. This not only increases food supply, but also creates new jobs for the people living in these areas.


Clean Water

We aim to make clean and safe drinking water a reality for all people by installing eco-friendly water wells and purification systems. This project directly impacts agriculture by providing effective irrigation for crops, resulting in maximized land potential.


Global Trade Network

We are committed to furthering development and refinement of the global trade network. We help companies reach their full potential by identifying new markets and opportunities that will expand profit margins and ultimately result in growth. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for companies; we even assist with complicated tariff procedures. We aim to strengthen international relationships between foreign buyers and sellers, which will result in stronger markets overall.


Land Development

We believe in helping poor nations reach their full potential. Our land development project addresses the usage of land and natural resources in order to satisfy national demands. This project also entails real estate investments, as well as building and renovating infrastructures in developing countries. If you are interested in learning more about these investment opportunities, please contact us today for further information.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources solve the need for low-cost energy solutions in developing countries. This project includes installing solar and wind farms, which will greatly benefit remote areas and contribute to the overall growth of the nation. Clean and renewable energy sources help progress developing nations closer to self-sufficiency.