Who We Are

Founded in 2012, MB International Exchange continues to be a driving force for change. Combining classical values of architects and philanthropists of the past with modern strategies, we are able to set and reach goals that contribute to a better world for all people. Our team is made up of unconventional and dedicated individuals who are committed to building a better world, today.


Our Mission for a Better World

At MB International Exchange, we are dedicated to building a better world. Making a higher standard of living possible for the countless people residing in underdeveloped nations all around the world is at the foundation of our vision for a healthy and happy global engine. We accomplish our goals through the many different projects that we develop and materialize.

With strategic connections, collaboration, and aid from contributions, we are able to create new jobs, implement long-term solutions, and move closer to the eradication of poverty.

Our strategy incorporates fundamental areas of positive globalization:

  • Agriculture
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Eco water wells
  • Global trade networks
  • Land development

Our projects help us change lives. Armed with contributions from government, social groups, private investors, and the capabilities of the common people, we are able to build a brighter future today, that generations to come will benefit from.


We have successfully created over 50 new jobs and increased the food supply in an impoverished village. In addition, we outlined and planned a purified water well and an irrigation system. This will provide a clean source of water for the villagers, and prevent waterborne illnesses and diseases.

Our project revived hope for all of the villagers involved. It inspired permanent changes that continue to improve their quality of life.

We strive to make positive changes like this a reality for all people. With your help, we can reach our goals. Check out photos from our latest projects to see change in action.